Everyone Loves Presents!

Except Dyna. She hates them. She doesn’t have room for presents.

Living a nomadic lifestyle full time has pros and cons. Some of the pros involve exploring novel places on the regular. And endless opportunities to try new candy stores and breweries.

Some of the cons involve having to empty your own poop tank. And also, no space for stuff.

We live pretty minimally, and being on the road for the past 3 years has our wheeled house chock full of what we need.

So, we don’t need stuff. We can’t  accept more stuff. Even if you are really kind and want to express your love for us via stuff – please don’t. We appreciate the thought. But we can’t accept the stuff.

If you do feel like expressing your love for us beyond telling us how much you love us, we ask that you do so through one of the suggestions below.

So, even if you think we really really need a new salt-n-pepper set in the shapes of two bunnies hugging, please refrain. Liz would love that gift very much, but then Jake would have to deal with her crying as he rips it from her hands and donates it to a local charity, as it won’t fit in Dyna.

Please don’t make Liz cry.

Gift Ideas



Vote in November! You can register and also check if you’re registered to vote at vote.org. You can also find your polling location and other useful info there too. Buy yourself a post voting coffee or cocktail to celebrate your epic feat of citizenship and think of us!



Donate to your favorite charity and stick the receipt in the handy ‘cards’ box we’ll have at the reception! Donating to charity makes everyone feel happy – you, us, and the charity! If you don’t already have a charity in mind, you can use Charity Navigator to find a trustworthy charity.



Write us a love note & drop it in the card box at our reception. If the note is on a check, or happens to accompany a check, it will be used to keep our adventures (Dyna) going & maybe even pay somebody else to do dirty things with Dyna so we don’t have to. Or maybe Liz will buy a bunny!(?)