Jake & Liz

Our Story

How the heck did we get here?

Boy and girl note each other’s amount of swole at a gym in Rochester NY. Girl and boy decide to adventure around together. Girl accepts Boy’s cat into her heart. Boy and girl choose to be in love. Girl and boy move into an RV. Boy and girl travel the US in a 40’x10′ box for 3 years. Boy convinces girl to sail on a boat with him and friends for two weeks. Girl still hates the ocean. Boy asks girl to marry him while visiting the Island of Anegada on sailing trip. Girl says ‘yeah, okay’. Girl and Boy finally choose to make it officially official in the eyes of the IRS, friends, and family.


Elizabeth J.Lo Pfleghardt

Liz grew up in Tioga Center, NY. Born the favorite child of Michael and Carol, she is the eldest and has two siblings, Andy and Kay. She grew up riding horses, running Cross-Country and Track, and generally being the ‘good child.’ She earned a Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology at Nazareth College of Rochester, where she met Meg and Ricky.┬áThe farthest she’s ever run in one jaunt is 100 miles. Jacob supported her the entire 100 miles, save for 10 minutes when he accidentally fell asleep.

Jacob A. Chafik

Jake spent his childhood moving up and down the East Coast from Buffalo to Virginia. He is the eldest and most handsome of three. He has two sisters, Jillian and Emily. He spent his youth hacking into Neopets while teaching himself to code. He started his own website development business at the age of 13. Jake spent many of his teen years in Olean, NY eating Lebanese food with his father-figure, Fred. He moved to Rochester, NY to attend RIT, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. During college Jake found the true love of his life, his cat Lucy. Liz is cool with this arrangement.